We develop the foundation of tomorrow’s data-driven health care. Our machine learning platform identifies signatures of lifestyle- and life event-related disease risks in DNA methylome data.


The genes we inherited from our parents provide a poor source of information to explain how lifestyle and life events impact on our health. Instead, the epigenome responds to factors that cause stress to our body, and when extracted are far more helpful to map environmental disease risks. For example, traumatic events, exposure to toxic substances, infections and the ways we live our life become imprinted in our DNA. With our technology we can map disease risks, predict biological age and identify novel targets serving the global need for development of future’s precision therapies.

Maria Lerm

Prof. Maria Lerm


Mika Gustafsson

Prof. Mika Gustafsson


Shumaila Sayyab

Dr. Shumaila Sayyab

Snr. Bioinformatician


David Martinez

PhD Student Bioinformatics

Sofia Lerm

Sofia Lerm

Business Developer

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