Epigenetics Analysis

PredictMe AB offers support with the analysis of methylation data through three packages, ranging from basic bioinformatics to advanced knowledge-based analysis and cutting-edge data-driven AI tools developed by our team. The different packages are detailed below:

Basic Bioinformatics

Discover the power of our comprehensive suite of services, expertly designed and customizable to your needs - from precise annotation and differential expression to advanced cell-type deconvolution and insightful pathway analysis. For basic bioinformatic analyses, you can choose the free online tool MethylR, which is developed by our talented team members. If you choose our support, we will intergrate covariates of your data in these basic analyses and provide basic biological interpretation in the report.

Advanced Knowledge-Based Analysis

Empower your research with our multidisciplinary expertise and powerful toolbox to unravel core mechanisms through state-of-the-art module analysis in networks. Our contributions to the field include the widely acclaimed tool, MODalayseR. Leverage our cutting-edge approach for in-depth protein co-localization analysis to prioritize differentially expressed features. Furthermore, unlock a world of possibilities with our proven techniques that enable the identification of related genes, opening doors to potential drug target discovery and innovation.

Cutting-Edge Data-Driven AI Analysis

Experience the unparalleled advantage of our data-driven AI analysis, which utilizes an innovative methylation embedding technique akin to the groundbreaking ChatGPT approach for Natural Language Processing. Our team has expertly created interpretable and functionally relevant embeddings that have demonstrated exceptional utility across a diverse range of tasks. Uncover cohort variability and identify disease risks, as we bring the transformative power of AI to the analysis report, transforming your research into new domains!

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