PredictMe was founded in 2021 to ensure that the research findings of the company team members are made accessible to the research community in pharma industry and academia, to support projects in which epigenetic research is key to understand cohort variability, drug responses or to identify novel drug targets. Our multidisciplinary team empowers customers to apply the latest machine-learning approaches to make the most value out of DNA methylome data.

Maria Lerm

Maria Lerm CEO

Professor in Medical Microbiology

With over 20 years of experience in lung-disease with focus on tuberculosis and more recently COVID-19, Maria Lerm has pioneered the field of epigenetics in infectious diseases. She leads a large multidisiplinary research team at Linköping University and has received multiple awards for her research.

Mika Gustafsson

Mika Gustafsson CTO

Professor in Translational Bioinformatics

Mika Gustafsson is a leading expert in the field of translational bioinformatics and machine learning. His research focuses on developing computational methods to better understand complex biological systems and their interactions. He has authored several publications in high-impact journals and received prestigious grants to pursue multidisciplinary projects aiming at identifying disease mechanisms in inflammatory disease.

Sofia Lerm

Sofia Lerm

Business Developer

Shumaila Sayyab

Dr. Shumaila Sayyab

Snr. Bioinformatician


David Martinez

PhD Student Bioinformatics

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